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RTS Game

2010-07-12 07:34:21 by Fett283

Ok now I was wondering does anyone know of a game out there that is like Age of Empires combined with the Civilization games? I was just wondering about cause in my head it seems like it would be cool.

PS3 or 360?

2009-12-01 16:59:04 by Fett283

Im getting a console and I'm trying to decide between a PS3 and a 360. Now with my friends this is a big debate on if PS3s or 360s or bttr and I'm not getting back in the middle of tht so I decided to ask perfect strangers if they had a choice ps# or 360 and why..

Fable 3

2009-10-26 19:42:07 by Fett283

I'm very courious as to what Fable 3 is going to be like, besides the trailer and a few news posts I havnt heard much but it seems that it will be a lot different from the other games in terms of what you can do. Im wondering if anyone could give me any info. Besides the fact that you can become King....cause thats all I know heh...
But still any info would be apreciated if anyone sees this and likes Fable....